Aug 2017
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Imprinted Promotional Products Help Build Your Brand

One of the hardest things to do as a business owner is to get the word out about your brand. While many businesses opt for standard advertisements, others give away products that have the company’s name imprinted on them. While it might sound like a financial risk to give away stuff for free, these promotional products can be one of the best ways to advertise your brand.

People Hold on to Them and Share Them

One of the best aspects of promotional products is that they can stick around for a decent amount of time. While traditional marketing campaigns are set to end at a specific point, physical goods can stay with people for a long time. This is because companies like to give away items that people can use regularly. Companies like to put their names on things people will want to use, like pencils, pens and bags.

Every time someone uses one of these imprinted products, that company’s name is being exposed to every person who sees it. As an example, if someone brings a branded pencil to work, that person could expose the brand to all of his or her friends and coworkers. Promotional products stick around for a while, and every time someone uses a product with your company’s name on it, your brand reaches out to more and more people.

You Reach a Wide Audience at Little Cost

Handful of Dollar Bills

Another good thing about using promotional products for advertising is that the process of getting them isn’t as expensive as you would think. Most of the products that are used for promotional purposes can actually be bought in bulk for relatively cheap prices. You never have to worry about breaking the bank to get your hands on a decent amount of them.

As a result, it can actually be more cost effective to give away promotional products than to just do a regular advertising campaign. This is on top of what was mentioned previously about how promotional products stick around longer than traditional advertising campaigns. If you want to start promoting your brand, but you don’t want to spend too much money in the process, promotional products can get the job done.

Customers Will Think Fondly of You

It should go without saying that people like getting things for free, especially if they can get use out of them. If people get a good amount of use for a product that has your company’s name on it, they will think fondly of your company. Even giving away simple office products can help create a positive image for your brand if people find them useful.

When someone thinks positively about your brand, there is a good chance this person could become one of your clients. On top of this, if others ask about your company, the people who liked your free item will share positive impressions. It is vital that you give your business a good image, and promotional products can help you do just that.

They Serve as a Creative Alternative to Business Cards

Woman with a Business Card

While business cards are a staple of the business world, potential clients might see them as cliché and boring. If people are not interested in your business, the business cards you gave them could just end up in the trash in a matter of hours. While people may be quick to toss out a card, people are less likely to toss out something like a pencil or sunglasses.

You want your brand to make an impact on people, and promotional items have a better chance of doing that than simple cards. If you still want to give out business cards, you should consider giving out both a business card and free product. Giving away a little something extra might make people more inclined to hold on to that card.

There is a Wide Variety of Products to Choose From

One more good thing about promotional products is that there are so many kinds that you can give away. While cups, pencils and other office products are among the most common things given away via promotions, there are so many others. You have the freedom to give away whatever you want, so try to think of something that really represents your brand.

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