Dec 2017
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A Modern, Graceful Office Chair

If you are looking to update your workspace you might want to look into the Basyx Executive Chair by HON. HON office furniture is crafted with the utmost care, and this sleek, modern office chair will provide you with optimal comfort while you work on important assignments and projects. If you want to learn about some of the chair’s key features, please continue reading.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Executive Chair by HON

Source: HON

The Basyx Executive Chair features different ergonomic adjustments that help you stay comfortable while you work at the office. The chair’s tilt tension controls allow you to recline it so you do not have stress in your upper body while you work. The armrests will also give you a chance to rest your arms, and will help you relieve stain in your neck and elbows.

Select models of the Basyx Executive Chair come with an integrated headrest, allowing for additional upper body support when you sit down. This headrest is especially effective when you use it while the chair is reclined.

Height & Tilting Adjustments

HON Chair in Office
This executive chair has other adjustments that you can use to make it as comfortable as possible. The chair’s height is adjustable, so you can make it as high or low as you need it to be. In addition, the chair’s center tilt feature allows you to make comfortable rocking motions while you sit, similar to how a rocking chair works.

If you need to keep the chair at one angle, the tilt lock can keep it at a specific angle. This can help you keep the chair reclined so you can feel more relaxed while you sit at your desk.

Upscale Design

Executive Mesh Chair by HON

Source: HON

Having this chair in your office will make the area feel classy and modern. The chair’s seating is made with SofThread leather, and is made with plenty of tailored details that help give it a sleek look. The segmented and padded design of the chair’s back helps to give your office more of an upscale look.

You will feel like an executive if you sit in one of these chairs, even if you aren’t one already.

Other Details & Features

  • Frame and five-star base made with polished aluminum. This ensures increased durability, and makes sure the chair is easy to clean.
  • 360-degree swivel allows for freedom of movement.
  • Great piece of office furniture for workspaces and other professional environments.
  • Costs from $246 – $626, depending on the model.


Want to know if the Basyx Office Chair is a good fit for your office space?

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