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Office Specialists is pleased to carry office furniture from Compatico. Compatico was founded out of a desire to provide replacement parts that are compatible with any office environment. Since its creation in the 1980’s, the company has done just that. Compatico offers a large range of products, from new furniture systems to other expansions for your workspace. Take a look at some of their highlighted items below.

Featured Products


AO2 Office System

AO2 System of connectable desks and chairs

One of the highlights of Compatico’s collection is the AO2 furniture system. The AO2 system is designed to stand on its own, but its pieces are designed to work with existing office setups. With this functionality, products from this line can be configured to fit any office space.

With a wide range of colors and finishes, the system can be tailored to fit the personal preferences of any employee. Like other furniture systems, the AO2 is backed with lifetime warranty. However, this option is more cost-effective.

AO2 PolyPanel

AO2 PolyPanel Tiered Tile System for creating cubicles

The AO2 PolyPanel is also available from Compatico. This stackable tile system lets you design a tiered workstation at a low price. With four stackable heights, 6 in., 8 in., 14 in., and 18 in., you can set the perfect height for your workstation with no hassles.

The PolyPanel system easily integrates into existing AO2 systems.

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