May 2014
Chalkboards out, Smart Boards in!
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It feels like yesterday when I was in the classroom learning from a teacher who jotted notes on her faithful chalkboard. Like many children, I imagined all sorts of things for the future such as what I would be when I grew up and if there would be men on the moon. As I sat in class learning, I never imagined such an advanced technology product as the Sharp AQUOS Board. “Revolutionary” is an overused word but it defines the AQUOS Board perfectly. The AQUOS board is an advanced smart board and interactive display system that offers a plethora of possibilities for students and workers to learn and share ideas. If only I had one of these boards when I was in school; it may have made some less than interesting topics a bit more interesting through interactive presentations.

AQUOS Boards in the Classroom

Students these days are so connected to technology. According to The Journal, while actual usage varies by grade level, students use smart phones and tablets for school and they want to utilize them even more. AQUOS Boards offer advanced technology to help students in elementary school through college learn. Lets take Model No. PN-L802B for example. It has an 80-inch interactive display system with brilliant high definition LED display. In addition, it offers touchscreen convenience and built-in templates. Educators can get their students’ attention through a powerful display.


AQUOS Boards in the Boardroom

Whether you’re having a meeting on-site in your conference room with your team alone, or are including your team in a meeting with a client across the world and AQUOS Boards help get you connected. Via its remote collaboration tool, conducting webinars and video conferences are a breeze. I love how easy it is to interact with others and get my message across in an interactive way through the use of an AQUOS Board.

AQUOS Boards in Action – From the Classroom to the Boardroom

To truly understand the endless possibilities this business product offers, see it in action.

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* Source: Illinois Education

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