Aug 2016
Why Two Monitors Are Better Than One
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When looking to work smarter and not harder, it is advisable to implement dual monitor workstations. The saying two is better than one is true when it comes to using two screens. Dual monitor workstations are preferred by employees and actually reduce the amount of time it takes to complete certain tasks. We outline the benefits of using dual monitors and highlight some of the newest screens.

Benefits of Dual Monitor Workstations

Complete Tasks Quicker & More Efficiently

Complete Tasks Quicker & More Efficiently

With the use of dual monitors, work objectives can be accomplished faster and more efficiently. According to a whitepaper by Dell, when dealing with dual monitors versus single monitors, text task productivity increased by 44 percent and spreadsheet task productivity increased by 29 percent. It is cited in the whitepaper that participants of a study were able to accomplish a given set of tasks two and a half minutes faster when using dual-monitor set-ups. Delivering employees tools to help them become more productive and efficient is critical in remaining competitive in today’s global market – dual monitor workstations do just that.

Improve Employee Morale

Improve Employee Morale

Cited in the same Dell whitepaper, participants of various studies reported that using dual monitors was a much more pleasant experience, versus the alternative. Test respondents reported that dual monitors workstations are more pleasant to use and useful versus single monitors; additionally, test takers claimed that gathering information was much easier. When employee morale increases, so does productivity. Having a happier and more productive staff can produce infinite benefits.

Simplify Work Objectives

Simplify Work Objectives

Managing various tabs can be a daunting undertaking. Utilizing dual monitor workstations reduces the associated frustration and stress. Imagine being able to see your email and Excel spreadsheet at the same time. Aside from saving time, this provides users freedom and the ability to manage different tabs, all at the same time. You can reference research or an email easily, while typing in a document, without the annoyance of opening and closing multiple tabs.

Featured Monitors

UltraWide 21:9 LCD Monitor with Screen-Splitter, 29″

UltraWide 21:9 LCD Monitor with Screen- Splitter, 29"

This ultra wide and large 29 inch monitor is ideal for screen-splitting, making multi-tasking easy. This monitor comes equipped with a PBP or PIP function for screening of images from two different sources at one time. View different documents, webpages or spreadsheets with ease.

SE450 Series LED Desktop Monitors, 21.5″

SE450 Series LED Desktop Monitors, 21.5"

This Samsung LED monitor features a slim design, along with an ergonomic and adjustable stand. This monitor comes with eco-friendly LED backlit technology, creating greater energy efficiency. Adjust this screen to your ideal position with true swivel capability.

Brilliance UltraWide LCD Monitor with MultiView, 29″

Brilliance UltraWide LCD Monitor with MultiView, 29"

The color enhancement and vivid imagery seen on the Phillips Brilliance UltraWide LCD Monitor will amaze users. The thickness of the bezel has been reduced to keep up with advancing technological trends. This monitor features 21.6 GB data throughput. Enjoy high quality speakers as well as a variety of different connections.

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