Feb 2015
Sitting All Day? Take a Stand
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Basyx ChairMost of us spend eight to 10 hours sitting at our desk. According to the Mayo Clinic: Those who sit all day have the same risk of having a heart attack as those who smoke. Not to mention, cancer and diabetes have shown to develop from prolonged periods of sitting. Did you know that even exercising couldn’t diminish the damage that your body could incur from sitting all day? We are not saying to not keep up with your normal exercise routine but there are extra measures that could help. It’s time to take a stand and combat the effects of sitting.

You may be asking yourself, well how could sitting cause a disease? Think about it – sitting and being sedentary causes weight gain. When you’re sitting, you aren’t using your major muscle groups like your legs so your metabolism slows down. Being overweight causes hearts problems such as heart attacks and strokes as well as Type 2 Diabetes. We have gone from a society that primarily walked every day to one that sits either at a desk, in front of a television, or a table at a restaurant for most of each day.

Safco Zynergy

Taking a Stand – Getting Started

Switch out that old office chair. Try sitting on a Zenergy Ball Chair instead of a traditional office chair. This allows you to engage your core, which forces you to sit up straight. Your legs will thank you because you will be using your leg muscles (the largest muscle group in your body) for better posture.

Make Breaks Your Best Friend

Schedule in frequent breaks where you get up and walk around. They don’t have to be long, every minute you can stand counts. Plan to take a five minute break every 30 minutes, perhaps to ask your co-worker a question down the hall instead of sending an e-mail or to get a sip of water from the breakroom. This gets your blood pumping and lowers the risk that comes along with sitting for longer periods of time.

The standing desk is a great alternative to a traditional desk. There are standing desks that can easily be turned into traditional desks as well, so you can alternate your day between standing and sitting. Standing has been shown to increase the speed of your metabolism as well. If your office has not made the change to standing desks than prop your computer up on several books and voila (or invest in a monitor riser.)

Today is the day to make a change toward a healthier workday. Browse our selection of office furniture that could help save your life.

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