Aug 2021
Why Office Design Matters: Promote A Healthy Environment

In 2021, many employees are more likely to accept or return to a position at a job where the office directly reflects the values of the company. Do you have collaborative spaces? How accessible is the technology? Are there quiet spaces available? Do you offer sit-stand desks? Is there natural light? The blending of both form and function are high priorities on many workers lists.

Many workers are feeling reluctant, concerned, and even anxious about returning to the office. How can you incentivize their return and calm their anxieties? By adjusting your office design to appeal to employees who have grown accustomed to working from home.

Your Office Tells Your Story

Open Floor Plan Office Entrance with Lots of Windows and Black Leather Chairs

First impressions are crucial. A client or prospective employee learns a lot from their first impression of your office. The design of your reception or waiting areas can impact whether or they want to work with or for you. Do you have a comfortable, inviting space? One way to create an inviting space is to have easily accessible Wi-Fi, size-inclusive seating, and charging ports.


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Shared Touchdown Workspace with Three Coworkers on their Laptops

The cubicle of yesteryear is no more. Touchdown spaces allow for integrated, collaborative teamwork among coworkers. This increases workplace productivity and promotes a healthier, more synergistic partnership among employees. Shared spaces create shared work, improving employee engagement and output.


Open Plan Workstations

Open Office Communal Floor Plan with Staircase, and Employees Sitting at Communal Desks

Open plan workstations encourage open communication between employees. They are a cost-effective, budget-friendly alternative to individual desk spaces. Larger, more communal tables with built-in grommets for technology allow unencumbered air flow to breeze through the office.


Sit-Stand Desks Promote Healthier Workstyles


Promote a healthier work lifestyle by making sit-stand desks available to your employees. Having the option to stand or sit gives autonomy to your staff while keeping them healthy. Prospective employees are more likely to choose your office if you offer a healthy, versatile work environment. The immense benefits of sit-stand desks are quantifiable.


Natural Light Makes Workers Happier

A Workspace Office with Lots of Natural Light and Plants

One thing we have all learned during the pandemic is that natural light is of great importance, not only aesthetically but also medically. It is shown to ward off seasonal depression, keeping your employees happy and healthy. One of the great benefits of natural light is the prevention of bone-density loss. When workers are seated for long periods of time, their bones can degenerate, leading to potentially having to miss work for surgeries and/or physical therapy. Natural light can help keep your employees healthy and productive.


Accessibility to Technology

USB and Electronics Built-In Grommet Station on an Employees Desk in the Office

We’ve all seen the computer stations with wires hanging everywhere. When you try to unplug one thing, you typically have to untie a maze of cables and oftentimes we unplug the wrong one! Cover up the unsightly wires by switching to furniture with built-in desk-grommets. This will keep the wires out of sight.


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