Aug 2014
Learn from Google

Across the globe, Google’s offices are something to envy. In many cases, the tech giant hit a home run with their space planning and office interior designs. From what I’ve seen, a lot of their office furniture is anything but ordinary and you won’t find the overall designs of their offices anywhere else. Google caters toward productivity, offering both collaborative workspaces and more traditional spaces. Designers and entrepreneurs everywhere can learn a thing or two from Google’s approach to interior design.

  1. Keep it comfortable.

It goes without saying that the more comfortable people are, the more productive they tend to be. We’re not saying run out and add a sleep pod to your office space, but be sure to consider ergonomic office furniture. You also don’t want to have a space that is too intimidating.

As pictured, the lobby at Google’s Sydney is welcoming. The greenery behind the desk seems to make this area a cozy space to work.

Google Sydney






Source: Google

  1. So sociable.

As noted on Google’s ‘Who We Are’ page, Google’s offices and cafes are designed to encourage interactions among employees across various teams, as shown below. Provide your employees with spaces to interact and share ideas.

Google London

Google London, Source: Google

Google Dublin

Google Dublin, Source: Google

  1. Consider collaborative workspaces.

Mentioning keeping things social brings me to the topic of collaborative workspaces. Some people love them and others dislike them. Regardless of where you stand, they undoubtedly put employees in a position to communicate more. You can’t ignore the people next to you. Google’s offices are filled with collaborative workspaces. They have your everyday collaborative workspace and then your informal meeting areas.

Some of Google’s collaborative workspaces include:

Google São Paulo

Sao Paulo, Source: Google

Google San Fransisco

San Francisco, Source: Google

Google Boston

Boston, Source: Google

  1. Have a little fun.

As noted by Fox News, fun at work boosts creativity and productivity. Whether you hold a company picnic where your employees bond over a game of volleyball or you go as far as having mini golf in your office space, Google knows that happy employees perform better.

Google San Bruno

Employees play a game of mini golf at Google’s San Bruno office. Source: Google

Slides at Google San Bruno

Meanwhile, some employees at this same office take a ride down the office slides. Source: Google

Google Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, Googlers let off a little steam with pinball.  

  1. Work with nature.

We all know that nature is good for us. The American Society of Landscape Architects says that spending time in nature has both long and short-term mental and physical health benefits. According to a study done by the UCL Department of Geography, being outdoors can lead to various social benefits. Some of Google’s offices offer outdoor meeting areas while others literally bring the outdoors, indoors. Other research has found that nature heals, soothes, and restores us. The University of Minnesota specifically noted that even just viewing scenes of nature can reduce anger, fear, and stress. 

Google London

Google’s London office, pictured, offers a ‘green’ space for employees to work independently or in a group. We love how it gives off a ‘day at the park” vibe. Source: Google

Google Manhattan

Over at Google’s Manhattan office, employees are offered a space to work outdoors. Source: Google

Google Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, Google’s enjoy their meals outside. Source: Google

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