Apr 2017
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Function & Style

Are you looking for a desk that looks great and offers storage solutions for every application? Whether you need something for a private office, semi-private office, open plan, collaborative or more, the Voi Desk from HON has everything you need. Voi creates an integrated design for the entire workplace. It can be customized to fit your individual office and office furniture needs. Between the layered surfaces, storage, materials and footprints, Voi becomes the perfect mix of functionality and style. See below more of the reasons why Voi by HON can enhance your work place.

Smart Design

Voi Desk by HON Design
Voi was designed to have a light and clean look that can unite a workplace together. When each desk in the office is built with the same consistent style, your office space will look and feel like a productive and unified work environment. There are so many different styles, configurations and combinations to choose from so each desk can fit each personality. You’re able to choose between different top shapes, supports, materials and color combinations. When making your decisions, you can add on options which include, privacy screens and modesty panels. Even after everything is installed, the desk components can be easily reworked to enable a variety of different styles.

Ample Storage Space

Voi Desks in an Office Space

There’s nothing worse than a desk that is designed without storage space in mind. No matter how nice a piece of furniture might look, if it doesn’t serve a purpose it might not be for you. Storage space is sought after and many employees might feel as if they never have enough. Voi comes with smart storage components so you’ll be able to reduce the amount of clutter around your desk. Ample storage space means your office will look neat and clean always because it provides an easy way to stay organized and in control.

Find Your Dream Workstation


The L Station of the Voi Collection
Voi Desk by HON

U-Stations & Credenzas

U-Station Voi Desk
Credenzas Voi Desk

Are you looking to learn more about the Voi Desk or looking for a new way to revamp your office space?

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