Apr 2015
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Spring inspires us to open our windows, let fresh air in, and spring clean our homes. So, why shouldn’t we do the same for our offices? Especially since we spend a large percentage of our day at them. Kick your cleaning into high gear.

Since organization is a key factor in keeping yourself clutter free, make a dedicated schedule for spring cleaning your office.


Take all your office supplies out of all their hiding places – make piles in categories and put them away.


Dust and sanitize your workspace with disinfecting wipes.


Vacuum and mop.


Organize your office supplies and place the most frequently used items in arms reach.


Decorate with family photos and plants.


Don’t forget about your computer. Clean your keyboard with a versatile cleaner like Endust’s Multi-surface Anti-Static Electronics Cleaner. Studies have actually shown that a toilet seat is cleaner than a computer keyboard. This is an easy item to overlook when spring cleaning but wipe away germs and help yourself stay healthy. Clean your computer internally as well. Make folders for each of your clients to centralize important documents. If you no longer need a file simply delete it off your computer or archive information that you do not necessarily need to access quickly.

Make it a party. Schedule a spring cleaning party during the second half of a work day. Encourage employees to bring in potluck meals. This will make cleaning feel not so much a chore as an activity to enjoy with co-workers. Create a playlist with music that is upbeat to get peoples heartbeats up and motivated.

Play beat the clock. Set a timer for tasks like cleaning the junk drawer. Whoever finishes before the timer can get a prize like leaving work early on a Friday.

Getting a deep clean this spring requires the right cleaning supplies. Make sure your janitorial closet if stocked and ready to go.

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