Nov 2014
Finding Privacy in Collaborative Workspaces

Google's Open OfficeLots of offices are taking hints from companies like Google and Pixar who have revolutionized the open office design called collaborative workspaces. The idea behind these open floor plan offices is that it will encourage teamwork. Furthermore, it allows for unplanned encounters with co-workers that you may never interact with. With these random instances, collaborations may bloom and fresh ideas will be brought out.

However, what about those employees who need a quiet and private place to focus? Are these workers out of luck when an entire office turns into a collaborative workspace? Most definitely not and here are ways to find some privacy in an open office.


Open Office SpacesMicrosoft is a company that needs collaboration because they need to be in the forefront of innovation. However, there was a need for privacy for those who need help concentrating. Therefore, Microsoft created areas called “neighborhoods” that are located far enough away from busy areas of the office. They still have an open space feel to the area but have a few separate rooms for employees to hold calls or meetings. These areas are designed for one team or department to work in because hearing other another group’s conversations can be very distracting.

Semi-Private Offices

While the trend may still be to opt for an open floor plan, a lot of offices are making semi-private areas. One way to still have a large, open feel is to add offices with glass walls. These can be used for private meetings or client calls. If you don’t want to opt for something as permanent, lots of companies are placing a chair and desk behind a fabric screen. This allows those who need to need to be alone, a space that visually is private.

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