Jan 2019
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Office Design Trends for 2019

The modern offices we see today are substantially different from the earliest designs from decades ago. Since the needs of office workers are always changing, designers are constantly working to craft new and flexible office designs that make employees happy. Interested in knowing about the trends that are popular right now?

Make sure your office space is up-to-date by checking out these popular trends in world of office design.

Flexible & Adaptive Workspaces

Open Office Space

One of the biggest trends going around in office design right now is the concept of flexible and adaptive workspaces. This trend specifically focuses on the idea of removing restrictions in places where people work. This can involve things such as being able to adjust a desk’s height, allowing workers to move furniture around at any time, and anything else that allows people to have their current needs met.

These types of workspaces can even allow workers to move furniture around so they can create private spaces that keep distractions to a minimum. All of this can be done by purchasing light, adjustable furniture that workers can easily move on their own. Offering flexibility at the workplace is essential if you want employees to be happy.

Furniture That Emphasizes Collaboration

Workers Collaborating

Another popular trend making the rounds is the incorporation of furniture that encourages collaboration between workers. Collaboration is key in most businesses, so many companies have tried to utilize furniture that gets people to work together more during business hours.

Some examples of collaborative furniture include couches for lounge areas, larger desks that multiple workers can sit at together, and freestanding media units. Essentially, any piece of furniture that allows workers to quickly meet up and discuss their ideas can be viewed as collaborative.

Old Meets New

This is a trend that has been around for a while, but it is expected to pick up a lot of traction throughout 2019. It follows the idea of preserving older office buildings by restoring them and injecting them with updated furniture and décor. The furniture is new, but the tried and true craftsmanship from years gone by will stay intact.

The idea behind this trend is to preserve the design and architecture of classic office buildings while keeping them up-to-date with recent office design trends. Not only does this create a unique look for offices, but it also keeps older buildings from being demolished in the process.

Connecting to Nature

Plants in Office

One other trend that is expected to be popular in 2019 is the trend of incorporating nature into office designs. The main way this is being done is through the process of introducing plant life into office spaces. Plants help remove harmful pollutants floating in the air, and this helps to reduce stress levels for office workers.

In addition to adding plants, more companies are expected to purchase office furniture made from more natural materials. Furniture made from dark wood or stone remind workers of outdoor environments, which can help them relax during the day. Office designers are also helping workers connect with nature by building new elements, such as gardens or outdoor lounges.

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