Sep 2021
How To Integrate IT Services For Your Business
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Business data is sensitive intellectual and personal property that must be protected at all times, and must always be secured. What is the best way to do that? Integrating Information Technology (IT) services into your business practices is a standard way to ensure complete security and safety for your company, employees, and customers.

When to Integrate

Someone holding a Locked Smartphone

If you’ve operate a business, no matter the size, it is always a good time to integrate IT services. Personal data, sensitive documents, intellectual property, etc., are all liable to be stolen and misappropriated when you do not utilize the technology available to you in the 21st century.

How to Integrate

Coding and Data on a Computer

There are several ways to ensure your information is safe and secure. Integrating email encryption and filtering, firewalls, cloud backups, external hard drives, etc. are the next levels of security. They each work differently depending on your business’s requirements and infrastructure.

Email Encryption and Filtering

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Email encryption and filtering are two great stepping-stones on your way to IT integration. We offer email filtering as a cloud-based solution that blocks more than 97% of spam emails, viruses, fraudulent messages, and other malware. We are also able to encrypt your emails through this same service. These steps can save your business loads of money in remediation and contamination cleanup.

SonicWall Firewalls

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SonicWall Firewalls can be the next “stop sign” for an unknown and unwanted technological intruder. These firewalls can potentially stop a hack before it begins, keeping your critical data safe. They essentially set up a barrier, or wall, between a known network and an unknown network, allowing the known network to decide whether to grant access to the unknown network.


When it comes to backing up your information, you can either do it in a physical copy on a hard drive or thumb drive, or you can use cloud storage.

External Hard Drives

External Hard Drive

External hard drives come in many shapes and sizes. From large terabyte storage servers to small thumb drives, you can find the security you need. One of the drawbacks to tangible backups is that they can be lost, stolen, or damaged, resulting in potential security breaches.

Cloud Storage

Cloud services are a safe way to store your information and documents without needing physical storage. There are many benefits to cloud storage, from it being cost effective to improving collaboration by allowing for remote work. You’ll never have to worry about losing your document, because it will always be accessible in the cloud!


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