Apr 2014
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Staff Health & Wellness

The breakroom is an escape for people who need to step away from their work for a minute. Whether it’s just to break away from the glare of the computer screen or to get something to eat and drink, the breakroom is the oasis for most office workers.

It’s integral to make sure that their breakroom is as comfortable as it can be. By providing comfortable furniture as well as amenities for cooking and eating, companies can make the breakroom the best it can be for their employees.

Keep Your Breakroom Stress-Free AND Germ-Free

While comfort is important when it comes to having a really good breakroom, companies should consider the health and wellness of their workforce as well. The breakroom, while a beacon of comfort, can also be a place where germs and bacteria can fester and cause workers to get sick it not properly taken care of.

It’s very import for a company to keep their breakroom stocked with sanitizers and cleaning products. Recent findings published by the Workplace Wellness Intervention Study show that by keeping your breakroom clean & neat, you can reduce the spreading of cold and flu germs by up to 80%.

Equally important is also providing your employees with supplies to make the breakroom a home away from home. Stocking your breakroom with coffee, tea, soft drinks, snacks, paper goods and cutlery will make the breakroom experience much more relaxing for your employees.

By making an investment in these products for the breakroom, companies ensure that their employees are thriving in the workplace. When employees have a place where they can step away for a few minutes, they can recharge their batteries in a place that is not only comfortable but sanitary as well.



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