Aug 2014
Computer Workstation

Every office now has at least one computer and to find the correct computer workstation can seem very challenging. There’s the size, how you will use it and the over all design. We have gathered some great tips for choosing the right setup of a computer station for your office.

Selecting a Size

Park_Ave_Desk_Suite_1024x1024When choosing a computer workstation’s size, you should think about how you are going to use it and where it will be placed. Buying a small workstation that will ultimately be covered with papers and computers would not be optimal for most users. If you tend to only use it for a laptop then a smaller station would be good for you. However, if you need to have a desktop with multiple screens, a printer, papers, etc. on your desk, you would only benefit from choosing a larger workstation.

Choosing a Shape

Depending on what kind of work you will be doing at your workstation, you may want to look at different shapes. If you will primarily be working with papers and files than a desk that includes a shelving unit would be a great choice for you. Also you may want to order one that has lots of surface area. However, if you need this for a computer than make sure to choose one that is designed for computers. These types of computer workstations will include a place for a keyboard, built-in holes for wires and a place for you computer tower. If you foresee yourself holding meetings at your desk than an “L” shaped desk may be the right option for you.

Picking a Design

laminateYou may not know this but the material that your workstation is made out of makes a huge difference. A laminate finishing is the most chosen finish as it is more affordable. However, a metal finish is highly durable and will last a long time. You can also get a wood workstation but it is much more delicate than the other finishings, but it does appear more professional.


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