May 2014
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How Cloud Storage & Sharing Can Improve Your Life

You may have heard people talking about “the cloud.” But what exactly is cloud storage and how will it benefit my company?

Cloud storageCloud storage is where a company’s data is stored online in “the cloud.” When stored online, information becomes much more accessible because data can then be grasped from many different resources such as a home office or on the road for a business trip, as long as you have internet access.

There are many benefits to using cloud storage, including very strong protection for important documents or data. Without the cloud, files can be lost when stored on one single computer or external hard drive. However, when placed in cloud storage, a business’s important data is backed up and accessible from a variety of sources. Cloud storage also cuts costs since a company no longer needs to purchase costly hardware that can be damaged and in a worst case scenario is non-repairable and valuable work is lost forever. This is a much more inexpensive alternative to the hard drives of the past.

Another great advantage to cloud storage is the fact that a company can have multiple employees work on one project at any given time. If you grant access to other team members, project time can be cut down because multiple users can now work on any give task at the same time.

As your company grows, so will its amount of data. Cloud storage is an inexpensive way to store data versus paying for more and more servers or various other means of data storage. Cloud storage is a great long term solution for your company.

Cloud storage can only benefit your growing company. Office Specialists Inc. is proud to offer cloud services as part of its encompassing business technology offerings. If you already use a cloud service, you can go here to learn how to keep your online data safe and secure.

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