Mar 2015
HON Flock: Where People Flock
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Sitting all day at your desk could wreak havoc on your back, wrists, and brain (figuratively that is). We recommend getting up from your desk every hour to 90 minutes to take a five-minute mental break. But where do you go during this down time? Outside? Break room? Someone’s office to chitchat?

Companies are consistently moving to an open workspace, which fosters unplanned collaborations between persons or departments that in usual circumstances may not work together. With the right space planning and office furniture, collaboration can happen when you least expect it.

HON’s Flock Collaborative Solutions does just this, with the idea that people will ‘flock’ to these areas with collaborative furniture to share and develop new ideas.

Flock Series ChairThe series is easily movable so you can create a space that fits two people or 20. Configure a few pieces to help your employees interact and stay productive.

There are an infinite number of ways to set up your space for success:

  1. Use even the tiniest of spaces. Let no good real estate go to waste by adding an ottoman for people to sit on for a quick meeting.
  2. Allow guests to enjoy an inviting reception area. The Flock Series is comfortable and functional.
  3. Make the break room about breaks. When people step away from their desks, they want to be able to relax in comfort. With the Flock Series, there are many different seating options to fit your entire teams’ ideas of comfort.

Have some questions about how to further make your workspace collaborative? Contact us.

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