Feb 2015
Post-It App
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3M has managed to bring one of their most iconic paper products to the digital age. Post-it Plus is an app that is listed as one of the Best New Apps on the iTunes App Store and the best part is, it is free! Collaboration is the name of the game in businesses today and this app makes it easier. This new mobile app allows you to capture, organize and share your notes and ideas from your iPad or iPhone.

How it Works

Post-It Plus AppUse your phone’s camera to take pictures of your Post-it’s. This app can capture up to 50 square Post-it Notes at one time. This is great for team meetings where whiteboards are plastered with neon stickies. Each note has checkmarks on top so that you can choose if you want to save them before you create your digital board. This virtual Post-it panel allows you to reposition, rename and reorganize your notes with just the swipe of your finger. The digital board can be formatted in grid-like patterns that stretch either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. You can’t actually re-write the notes themselves, but they can be deleted, selected as a favorite, rotated, and brightened.

This virtual board of Post-it Notes can be sent to other applications –including Excel, Dropbox, Evernote, and PowerPoint. You can convert them to .pdf and .zip. You can share this board via text, email, and social media. Multiple boards can be merged together enabling co-workers to share ideas and collaborate more effectively. Anyone can organize, create, or dole out inspired ideas. There are a lot of scenarios where this app would come in handy. All of this without getting those errant post-it notes stuck to the bottom your shoe, and hey, who does not love free?!

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